New Summer 2015 Menu

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We have a new menu ready for the summer which is due to start being served the week following half term.  All food is made fresh within our kitchen, everyday. One of our goals is to make sure we encourage children to eat healthy. Many of the children at Pebbles eat at least one meal a day with us, we want to ensure that everything we provide your child to eat is of the best quality whilst being a well-balanced meal and most importantly, that they enjoy it.

Our new summer menu has incorporated all these key aspects as well as a variety of flavours and foods that we are sure your child will love. All the meals on the menu are suitable for all ages of children that attend our Kindergarten and adapted for those with specific dietary requirements. Certain menu options allow your child to choose and create their own version of the meal such as the Pitta Pizza. With options like this children will be supplied with a variety of toppings so that they can create their own signature dish.

Summer Menu