We have online learning journeys available via a mobile app, Tapestry, which provides live nursery updates for parents. Throughout the week you will be receive email alerts notifying you an observation has been completed on your child. This will include a description of the activity your child has taken part in and which of the 7 areas of learning this activity was linked to and which age bracket. Sometimes the observation will also include photos and videos of your child during their day at nursery.

The added benefit of Tapestry is that if anything happens at home, such as your child reaching a developmental milestone or taking a trip somewhere. You can upload photos and descriptions to share with your child’s key worker so they can tell us about it at nursery. Tapestry is completely secure and each child can have up to 3 users associated with their account. All you need to do is complete your email address when completing your child’s reservation paperwork and we will send you a secure link that will enable you to set up your account.